Banana Kush seeds all germinate but then stop growing in soil

From a fellow grower: The Banana Kush seeds I ordered sprouted roots but when placed in soil, they don’t sprout. I am using the same soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) and germination/planting methods I have used with other seeds.

I soaked 8 seeds in water for ~3 days; when root was ~3/8” long, I transferred to soil, but nothing came up. I placed 12 seeds between wet paper towels between 2 plates for ~3 days; when roots were ~3/8” long, I transferred to soil - it’s been over a week & nothing has come up. I keep the soil moist by misting 2-3 times a day. After potting, the seedlings were kept in my greenhouse or my grow tent.

Don’t give up. I had one like that that took 17 days to emerge after initial soaking

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That can actually be a positive sign. That could mean that the roots are developing, growing the underneath before emerging.

How deep did you plant them? When I place in soil, they are covered with no more than 1/8 inch of loose soil with the root pointing straight down. Medium has been pre-soaked and will receive no more water for at least a week or 2. I cover with clear domes to increase the humidity around the sprout/planting site.

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Some seedlings are more sensitive to hot soil than others. I prefer starting them in Solo cups of straight coco or peat. Once established they get transferred to their forever home.