Germinating banana kush successfully

we are trying to grow banana kush for the first time we are having trouble germinating them… we are using the soak method … any one growing them ??? any suggestions thank you

I believe @monkman had the same issue with this strain.

i got 10 + 10 of the banana kush. i tried 8 of them and couldn’t get them to germ and one i did get to germ didn’t grow in my solo cup when transplanted. i still have ten of them but wasn’t going to bother trying them because of the time i wasted trying to get them to go. i reported it to ILGM and they gave me 20 chem dawg that i asked for as a replacement. they would have sent me just the 9 that didn’t grow but said if i ordered more seeds that they would send the whole twenty. they also said if i just wanted to replace the 9 i had that didn’t germ and not buy any more that i could wait until i had tried to germ the other ten to see about replacing them but i needed more seeds anyway so i ordered purple haze on the sale. i have used only ILGM seeds since i started this and the banana kush was the first that i had any problems with and ILGM has shown me what a great company they are in the way that they handled my issues.

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