Seeds germinate fast, check them everyday if you're using paper towel method

I germinated some Banana Kush seeds 2 weeks ago. Had them in paper towels and after the 3rd day they opened up and germinated.

I germinated some LSD seeds I purchased here. Put them in paper towels and after 3 days I checked them and they had already put out the starter leaves and grown about an inch and leggy. I hastily put them in some seed starter mix and under a lamp and hoping for the best. I couldn’t believe how fast they germinated and grew. Few more days and they might have died covered under a wet paper towel in a bag. As it is they still might… hoping for the best. I’m documenting my grows on my Youtube channel so I will post a germination video on my LSD seeds if they end up surviving (or dying). Did a grow video for my 2018 LSD outdoor crop. Was hoping I’d do better this year but it’s already starting out badly :frowning:

Agreed! I use a piece of paper towel folded in a ziplock bag, placed near the furnace, and covered with black plastic to inhibit light, it’s where it’s warm 24/7 and it only takes a couple days, 100% success, I just hold it up to the light to inspect, it’s easy to see when it’s only one fold from a cut down piece of paper towel.

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