Banana Kush Autos 1 week to go!

Welp, i did a little experiment and started these autos while my photos were finishing. These ladies were on a 12/12 schedule for 6 weeks then flipped them to 18/6 when i started my last batch of autos… i also have 4 photos just vegging out too. Everybody is under a HLG 600R , HLG 320XL and a vivosun 2000.


How did they behave after you lengthened the light schedule?

@Fieldofdreams the buds definately fattened up. On the flip side, here is a banana kush auto ive had going 18/6. Its in week 4 and its matched the height already of the 12/12 and a heck of alot more nodes… banana kush on the left and G13 on the right. Both autos

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You got a lot growing on in there lol!! Looking good though. :+1:t2::grin:

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Welp, the two BKs went into their 48 hours of darkness @Fieldofdreams all cloudy with about 10% amber on the trichomes. Now to babysit these other 2 autos, then the photos i have going will be ready to flip to flower hopefully. Theres the other 2 photos that are about 2 weeks ahead. Those are Sunset Sherbert. The smaller 2 in the pics above are Gelato…

I’m interested in growing some gelato, my friends I share with have put in some special requests lol. I’ll tag along with you.

@Fieldofdreams here is a pic of the last Gelato i raised.

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