Banana Kush Auto 7th week since breaking ground

Never seen an auto do this… the other two are full into flower… i think this one has gone koo-koo…


koo-koo loco for sure!!!

Oh no! I saw i post a few weeks ago a guy grew one out that did this, its not a mutation you want i don’t believe.
Ruderalis genetics is strong in this one :sweat:


Thats what i was scared of. I saw that post too, but i vaguely remember it ( thanks to G13 :rofl::rofl::rofl:) its all good tho. I have another one that just broke ground along with another G13 so ill just start another round in a few weeks


Looks like a dud to me.

Yeah looks like its not what you want,but I dunno? Since its already flowering maybe you can get something out of it? who knows they may be those small airy type buds but have mean punch to them?


So I’m curious, what does this one look like now or did you trash it?

I trashed it and added it to my compost pile :rofl::rofl: here is the replacement


Well that baby looks like its going in the right direction!..That lil fat one in the foreground looks real healthy too…What kinds are they?

@AL_GREEN i have that banana kush auto, a G13 Auto ( also in Flower) and then 4 sunset sherberts that are vegging

@AL_GREEN heres the G13


Thanks! Looks really good, My buddy grew some a few years back and it was pretty dang potent!