Banana Kush Auto at 11 weeks

My first girl to get to this stage. Not seeing any amber trichromes but looking for a more experienced eye, wait or ready to harvest?? Thanks in advance for your input.


Looks good. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure she could use another week. Idk for sure. Nice crystals. Looks very good. If it were me I want to see a little color on the tricombs.

Still some clear in there.

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It’s just gonna get bigger and better. Maybe 2 weeks.

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Congrats! Nice looking cola. Frosty but will go a bit longer and possibly fatten up some more.
Those pistils have darkened but still look fresh. Let them recede and wilt down more then check Trichs.
She may throw off some more white pistils. If so that means she is putting on weight.

Looks icy! Very nice. Definitely could use more time. If you can, invest in a jewelers loupe or something like this to view trichomes:

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone,…

Beautiful ladies you still have a few weeks for her to bud up more

Looking at trichomes fucking sucks id suggest geting the wireless digiral skybasic it connects to your phone and comes with a stand. Pocket microscopes jewlers loupes never worked for me i got shaky hands i smoke a pack a day and drink about half a case of coke lol also with the led light up features i could hardly even get a good gage everything just reflects back looking like iceicles. Also with loupes i always had to grab the buds and i felt like i was degradeing trichchomes . If you got 50 bones grab one.

Looks good still has a while to go at least a week or two