Banana cush autoflower

It sounds like they are stretching a bit looking for light. I recently started a couple purple kush. They are actually 19 days, just starting the 4th set of leaves and not even two inches. I raised my little veg light a bit to get them to stretch out a little.
This is one of them after transplanting on 3/5

Under my veg light

When you transplant you can plant it deeper to bury some of the stem

They are beautiful! Mine really haven’t gotten much taller since I lowered my light at about a week old. Learning as I go! Lol But they are looking great. They were stretching in the beginning cause the light was way too high! I’ll send pics when I get them in the ground so you can see them. When you transplant them to their permanent home how far above the peet pod do you recommend we bury them? Thx again for your help!

I sprout my seeds in a folded damp paper towel in a slightly opened sandwich bag on top of my WIFI router (just like beardless suggests). Perfect temperature. Seeds sprout in 1 to 2 days.

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Ok so my ba is are outside and looking good. My question is, Do you start counting days from sprout, or after the seedlings are in their permanent home?

I have always counted from breaking soil. Others make reference to when threw seed popped. Yes others have stated from planting.

Either way, gives a good estimate and reference for when you have questions.

Continued success.

Thx for the info! How long does it usually take from flower to harvest? On banana cush auto flower?

Ok so, I’m a little confused as to the difference between growing autos and feminized. I’m seeing a much higher yield with feminized, but again they would be outside with no total darkness. Is it possible to grow the feminized this way or out of the question? My autos are doing great outside so far and I would love the higher yield. Please advise.