Banana cush autoflower

hi I’m starting my seeds indoors and moving them outside in a couple weeks. I have 2 questions 1st what temp range is ideal for germinating seeds indoors and 2nd do the autoflower plants require complete darkness at night? I’m growing them on my porch and we have outside lights that are on from dusk till dawn. So wondering if not being in total darkness will cause problems with growth. Please advise

I think ideally the germination temps are 65-80F. At least that’s what I’ve read and my luck
has been between 70-80F for germination, for my own personal seeds.

As far as the light goes, I’m sure someone will give you a definite answer. I’ve never grown
autos so I’m clueless when it comes to that kind of seed.

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Thank you soo much for the info! First time growing autoflower so I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions!

They do not “need” complete darkness but they should get a rest period. I grow autos indoors and run them on a 18/6 schedule. I’ve never tried autos outside so don’t know what that would be like being as autos are on their own time schedule.
Growing indoors I control intensity and length of lighting. So I don’t know if you would want to have them ready to go outside when the light outside is most optimal. I would think that being autos are on such a short schedule you wouldn’t want to plant them too early in spring or too late in fall when the sun isn’t as intense.
Maybe some growers here have some input on this.

A satellite or cable receiver box is the perfect temp for germinating seeds. I put the seeds in a shallow container with water and a little hydrogen peroxide. After 24 hrs I put the seeds in wet paper towels between 2 plates set on the receiver. When the root is 1/2" put to seed starter mix.
Agree with @registereduser about light. You want good natural light especially when it is flowering. With autos this can start as early as day 21 but usually closer to day 30. Good morning direct sun is the best. I grow my autos on a 20/4 schedule. You can actually go 24/0. Indirect porch light should not be a problem.


Thank you for the information! I appreciate all the help I can get!

Thank you! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to remodel my porch!

I didn’t ask if the porch is open air or glassed in. Cannabis does not do well with glass filtered light. The glass filters out to much of the spectrum and is not intense enough.

It’s open air. So I think they will do great. They will get east, south and west sun.

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Hi it’s me again! So, after 4 days all 10 of my seeds have germinated! Yay! Next step will be to transplant them into bigger pots. So here’s my next question, are 5 gal buckets sufficient for growing autos or is it better to use larger pots when growing outside?

I’m thinking 5 gal would be fine. Because they’re on a time schedule I don’t know that they would get any bigger outside.

The again! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Should say thanks not the! Gotta love auto correct!

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I have grown autos outside in 5 gallon and they have done fine. They have a limited life unlike photos so they don’t need as much space.

Cool! Thx I’ll keep you posted on how they do. So far so good!

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Last summer I did not protect my plants soon enough and they were attached by caterpillars. I had netting and sprays. I did not use them soon enough. Just a heads up.

Thank you!

I want to thank you again for all your help getting me started! I planted all 10 seeds and all 10 germinated! They are 10 days old and have lots of little roots beginning to come out the sides of the peat pods! I’m soo excited!

Well done. You will have quite the garden on your porch. Will they be going into their final pots?

By Thursday this coming week. Although I will be keeping them in the house for a few days since we are expecting a freeze next weekend. Then out to the porch to soak up some rays! I’m definitely encouraged by their growth. And I can’t thank you enough for your guidance! Love this forum! Sure helpful to us newbies! I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. And of course for more helpful hints! A few are already starting their 3rd set of leaves, not counting the water leaves. They are about 4 inches tall.