Backwood Blunt rolling

Backwood blunts are the worst, I never tried to roll up a back with Blunt , Until today. Let me tell you one thing it’s very hard. It’s not worth paying the money for them and you cannot roll up a big Blunt, It’s a waste of money I think. I’d rather just get regular tobacco leaf and roll it up like that

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I do hemp wraps . Get em on Amazon ,much cheaper . I usually get the billionaire Brand.(mango flavor)

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I used to take a black n mild, moisten it with a little spit and roll it around in my fingers untill all the tobacco fell out except a little in the plastic tip. Then I’d put a little bud in at time and pack it down with a bic pen. Was kind of cool having a blunt with a plastic tip. Also looked pretty inconspicuous rolling down the road smoking it.


Gotta “chamb” da mild! Brings back memories :rofl:. We would empty out the tobacco into the plactic wrapping that it came with. Carefully Take out the “cancer paper” without ripping the mild paper. Then refill it back wit the tobacco .tap, tap,tap… it was a process :man_shrugging::rofl::rofl:. It smoked smoother