Backup power for your grow room

Hi, I am interested in buying something that would provide my plants with electricity just in case I lost my power in a storm. What power pack or inverter do people use. I am invested in getting something that can hand a 1000w and I really do not know what to be looking for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I would advise that you get a decent gas powered generator. One capable of handling a small radiant heater, and fans; As well as the necessary wattage for lights.

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A few thoughts , what is the total amount needed fans, heater, light, your home, is natural gas available , what is your climate, "mine can get -67 Farenhight. natural gas and propane freeze at -40 and high consumption by a generator will increces this effect even at warmer temps, Thoughts for Grow :>]

Hi Hammer, I am not sure off the total watts yet. My LED lights comes to a total off 690w. I use 4 regular 20 Walmart fans and two dehumidifiers. I have my lights in two different rooms. I am just trying to figure out how would I go about getting something for back up power in the event that I lost my electricity for five hrs at a time. In an emergincey I would be happy if my lights were just left on so the girls would not stress out too bad lol. There is no natural gases where I live and a compressor would be to noisy for my condo. I was wondering would a inverter and 12v batteries be an option? Cheers

I guess you don’t need my help. Happy growing!

not a lot of experience with inverters and twelve volt back up

Not sure about that:grin: ive grown for the better part of thirty years . some dinky boxes and some at multi locals … And in reading thru all of the post "most of them " i find your input helpful ,insightful, WELL informed.sound instructions .i learn and refresh as do most of us peepers and readers and members. thanx for all that you and the team does for the rest of us. :microscope:

No worries; I get grouchy sometimes :slight_smile: