Power outage in home grown personal use set up

Hi guys I’ve tried looking through previous other topics regarding this but wasnt successful
So my question is what do you guys have in place if your growing indoors have a little set up and theres a power cut without obviously having generators and so forth?
Thanks in advance

I’m sure people will probably have a lot of different thoughts on this topic I personally don’t own a generator to me it’s no different then a cloudy day outside with no sun . I guess I’ll just take my chances. Good luck


I run UPS’s (uninterruptible power supply) for my lights. It will keep the lights running for a good 30 minutes in the event of power loss. I have 4 of them so I can go for about 2 hours if need be.

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I have 60 indoor plants in all different stages all soil grown. I have nothing in place in case of power outages. I have not had an outage for 2 years tgat I’m aware of. I’d be more worried about my saltwater fish tank… pretty resilient plants


Okay what you do is buy a lot of candles…lol. If the power goes out my girls will just have to wait till it comes back on.

I live in a place where weather and wind cause outages weekly. I grow autos so I don’t have to stress as much about light issues.


My power just went out 20 minutes ago lol, normally I would start my small generator but since its only 11:16 I just removed thenplants from my grow room and placed them in widow light until the power is restored. If I figured it was a bad storm and it was going to be down for a long time Id use my generator. Window light is a pretty decent option though?

I had a power failure here during my last grow, during late veg. Now, my girl had gotten a 100 Way solar panel, deep cycle battery, and an inverter. (We use this at music festivals to power our laser lights when we are tripping balls). I plugged my 2 xl260’s into it, dimmed them down, and I had lights again. I put the solar panel in my tent, so the battery would keep charging. Kept my lights on For seven hours…

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Never had an issue of more than a couple hours but these should be fine less youre running a really large space (larger than a 5x5)

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