Back to veg stage?

I’ve had these girls on 12/12 lighting from seed. They were more or less a learning project. I didn’t expect much from them but they’ve come a long way believe me. They are about 5 weeks old . Is it too late to put them under 24/24 HPS to veg ? What should I expect ?

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I wouldn’t go 24/7

Go to 18/6 try that , get some dark period for the plant.


I agree with @Wishingilivedina420state and to answer your question, awesomeness, a bushy plant!

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If its an autoflower, the more ligjt the better considerjng they’re life cycle is not controlled by it. if its a photoperiod, definitely put it on 18/6. Its going to need longer days so it knows to focus on growing stems and foilage, instead of buds.

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