Back at it in VA

*Finished up my first legal grow, now im begining week 5 of these beauties! They are Gold Leaf being growing in 3 gallon Octopots using Gold Lead Nutes, CalMag, and Photo+. The Gold Leaf nutes are supposed to be stable but it seems to go up to what my water come out at after a couple days (7.4ph). I dont mind the testing and adjusting as long as the girls are happy. The main trunks are as big as the last ones got. Its only week 5!!! I have a journal going if anyone want to give some input.


Those are some pretty big leaves that would make for a good salad lol where are the flowers… we want bud porn :laughing::rofl::joy:

I’m on board for the next round though 4sure


Girls are doing quite well!! Im going to fill all the squares then flip! Hope this goes according to plan


They look great :+1::heart_eyes:


The girls were doing great but are completely light green…im assuming it lock out cause the ph raises to 7.4 everyday no matter what I do…Im thinking about top feeding the rest of the way out then switching nutes the next round to something I know works. Planted the other two babies as backups, they are Mango Kush.

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