Autos vs fems. Soil vs water

I’m growing both right now and two different ways so I can see the difference in the two and fems grow so big. My autos in soil are tall but skinny. Hardly any flowers on it. Then I have the fems in a hydroponic system and one auto a gg. All four are greener than the soil. They are younger but almost as big as the autos. The auto in the water is so much smaller then the 3 fems I have growing all together. And they are like twice her size. I’m a fem and water man for life. I’ll grow out doors but inside. Water all the way you can’t compare. And it’s so much easier. I swear when you feed you only have to close the reserve and put your nutrition in there’s and stir. When it’s all resolved. Open it up and it will deliver to all your plants. Yesterday I went to feed the autos and it took me forever because of the run off. I have trays under them to catch it. But it’s a pain having to take a heavy ass plant and try to lift her up without the tray spilling. It’s a nightmare. Nomore not me. Lol
Let me know growmies your thoughts
Not only in the autos and fems but also soil or water.


I agree, my RDWC is easy to maintain the grow. Mix 5 gal top up buckets of food and dump it in. Have an active PH and EC meter glance at it to just check but stays in range mostly on its own. Added active filtration by designing it so the return line runs through a pump bag, recirc and chiller pumps on the other side of that also in a mesh bag, and finally a 400 gallon fish tank canister filter. Now i never need to change the water even.

Plants grow as small or as big as you want with fems. If you want super small start them on 12/12. Ive seen folks here grow huge autos, but i think the real benifit is if you grow outside and dont want Jurassic weed plants.


I started in soil and am using coco now. I only grow a couple of plants at a time and have the time. I thought about some sort of hydro system but me and anything mechanical is a match made in hell. And at the bottom of what I can work with is anything plumbing related. I do manage to use a couple of autopots but that is pushing my limits.
As far as autos Vs photos, I prefer photos. I can not think of a positive attribute that autos might have that photos don’t have in spades. As for negative things, autos win hands down.


Like @beardless I grew in soil for 3yrs now I grow in coco and 2 autopots. It is so much easier. Mix up 4 gals check Ph and PPM then dump it in the resivor, check the Ph every morning and done.


What kind of negativity?

6" plants flowering in 14 days for just one.

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I guess I never had that. I had one that ended up at maybe 2 1/2 feet. But that was because I tied it down. But…. I want to do my small tent photos. So how many can I get in a 3x3 ? 4?

I always grew full size autos too. But every day someone is posting and asking what is wrong with my auto. I like working and training plants more than autos allow me to. So photos it is. Plus, when I get a really nice plant I have the ability to clone it. Almost all last year I grew GDP and cutting from a fantastic plant. Had a blast doing it.

I would usually grow 4 photos in the 3x3. Back then I also used soil. Now I use coco and if I grow more the one or two, it is more of a SOG style, fewer stems and colas, in smaller pots. Like this - 4 GDP clones in 2 gallon rain science bags. They were pruned to 3 or 4 stems with one colas each stem.

They filled up the tent nicely. This about 5 weeks into flowering

It was a fun grow.


Very nice. I just don’t know if I can dedicate time to tiger like that. How long in veg? 4 ? And then 8-10 in flower ? A lot of pruning? Just not sure yet. I like the. Lone all the time though for sure. Clone a good plant and have smoke for life🤙

Even though I’m 0-6 on clone moves I’m always willing to try, try again. Especially when I will somewhere around 4!plants to cut from

Man that auto correct got me good​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

From seed I’m always 7 - 8 weeks for veg. No doubt about it, it is a time commitment. My approach to clones is very simple. Glad to run through what I do with you. Tag me if you have a thread or reach out to me on my journal Afghan to close 2022
I have grown several autos - white widow, blueberry, amnesia haze and jack herer. I like the variety and alternative growing styles photos offer.

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I love growing autos. I won’t say never, but I seriously doubt that I’ll ever go back to growing photos again. The only real negative thing about autos in my opinion is that you can’t clone them. It sucks when you have a killer pheno of a favorite strain and all you can do is enjoy the smoke down to the very last puff and then know that you may never get another one the same again. Other than that, there’s no downsides to me, just advantages.