Afghan to close 2022

I think it is time to go inside, start a fire and drop some beans.
I dropped four ILGM Afghan seeds 11/20 and all sprouted and transferred to paper towels on the 22nd.
Put the sprouts in 3" pots and waited for them to grow.

They outgrew their pots and ready to be transplanted on 12/11

They were successfully transplanted to 1 gallon bags. You can see some of the leaves are a little pale. I was too light on their intake and they needed more.

10 days after transplanting they look like they are happy

The node spacing is tight.

Right now all are in the tent and I started them under the Kind XL600. To see if I can get a little more internode spacing I turned off the Kind and am using the 4 photo boost strips from PLC. I am thinking it has a little more red than the Kind which I hope will result in more length between nodes. Give it a week and see what happens.
A long way to go

Till next time


I wouldn’t worry about the internodal spacing. They will stretch out soon enough. Looks like your grow is going well. Good luck and enjoy!


Wowza @beardless looks a might white there. Here in NY we are supposed to be getting another bit of a snow storm. Lots of places already closed for Monday.


Nice, Looks good :+1:

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A little more length between nodes makes pruning and training a little easier. They need to get a little taller before the fun begins.


Snow very pretty but it has power outage wrote all over it. Good luck :v:


That it does. Wet and heavy. The worst of it is when it sticks to the satellite receiver.


We have not had any snow this year so far but looking at Single digit cold front next week.
Happy holidays !


@kellydans , we’ve had some snow here but below 0 temps also coming later in the week.
Winter is officially here.
@beardless , grow is taking shape very well!


Thank you. Glad to have you. Pull up a seat.


I’m in the recliner watching :eyes: I’ve been wanting to grow Afghan for a while, just hasn’t happen yet. Good luck to you, I’m sure they will be awesome :deciduous_tree:’s when complete.


I grew Afghani for 3 years '81-'84. First generation American. A buddy got one of the last shipments to come out before the Soviets invaded. Great stuff, though it was a notch below the Thai I grew previous to that.


I wonder how much if any it has changed over the forty years. Now that time frame is scary enough. I am late to this game. I didn’t start growing until I retired 3 years ago.
Looked at your profile. Now I get the handle.

I had to move and take down a few rods when I relocated the fan and filter outside of the tent. I never built any but I bought a few.


It has been a few years since I made one. I have a standing order for a rod for each of the grandsons. I am just waiting for them to get old enough to be responsible enough to not break it.
I’ll tell you what, growing is a lot different, now. There were no auto flowers or fems back then. No seed banks then either, you had to do with what you could get your hands on. What a blessing it is nowadays.


I remember paying $20 each for clones, I’d cram 20 in a 6x7 room under 1000w HPS bulb. You could get Indica or Sativa clones, that was about it. That was when I learned to take my own clones, even with a 30% to 40% survival rate, saved me a lot back in 1990-91 or so.


A great legacy to cherish.
In 1962 my grandfather gave me a 7’ Shakespeare spinning rod and reel. Used many walleye rods later on that didn’t have the feel that rod did.


Cold and snowing. A good morning to make some bread.

12/22/22 day 27
Pulled them out of the tent to take their pictures

I will only be growing two. One will go back in the tent and the 2nd will go in an autopot in the closet.
As of today the back left will go in the tent. It is a toss up between the two in front for the closet.

This is the biggest one.

Same plant

I’m not sure if the light change helped with the node spacing but I like this one. She will be ready to top soon to get this show on the road.

This is the other one in contention.

A solid four nodes. She is taking her time. OK by me.

The remaining two

Two of them have some chlorosis which I am taking as low chlorophyll resulting from a magnesium deficiency. I added some extra Epsom salt to todays feed. I’ll add an extra 10% the next couple of times.

Happy holidays to you. Be safe


fired up a new journal
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Looking good…set to watching :sunglasses::v::heart:


Your ladies are looking mighty fine! I set to watching so i can keep up to date

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