Autos grown in the desert

i have two kinds of auto’s , one kush xl , and the other one ak-48 , 5 seeds both kinds , i live in the desert in so ca , will these live out side , in the heat , with shade cloth over them , thank you all for you help , vern

Someone just made another thread very similar to yours. Probably why you aren’t getting much of a response here. Might be able to get your answers there?

I couldn’t help myself, but when I saw “Autos grown in the desert” I thought of this…


I have the same situation. We live in Yuma in the extreme southwest corner of Arizona. I would hate to invest money and time to grow if the temperature here is too extreme. Plus we average 3 inches of rain per year. It is officially named “the most sunniest city in the USA.”
I have a spot that would limit sun to 5 hours a day but always worry about over or under watering. In the summer if we have flowers in a 3 gallon plastic pots we have to water everyday until it overflows.
It rarely if ever drops below 42 degrees in the winter and can rarely fall below 75 in summer evenings. July and August are always triple digits and June and September are the slightest cooler.
I have no idea when to plant.
Can someone point us to some online help in growing in these type of areas.

If you have time to grow tomatoes outside you should be able to find time to grow a 3 month auto in the feb-may time frame.

I’m starting seeds indoors for my next grow outdoors in soil.


Indirect sunlight (like under a tree) and careful selection of genetics that like heat and dry: you will want to look at sativa dominant strains IMO.