Autopots and lighting

So… I’ve had a few grows since joining and been ok as far as growing enough weed to get by. Buddy of mine tried these autopots and was VERY successful, so I thought I’d dive in too. I also did very well. One thing I did struggle some with is the lighting. I have a V550h led setup. Before the autopots, I kept it fairly close to the plants and they never seemed to mind so much. I also wasn’t getting the best harvests, but did do ok. NOW… With the autopots, my plants seem MUCH happier but also more prone to sensitivity to my lighting. They started out great, but once they reached a certain point, I could see the tops were suffering but the rest of the plant was fine. I’d raise the light and keep it at about 50% or less and they would improve until growing back into it. I’m keeping the light about 2 feet from the tops, but after a while, I run out of room to raise more and the tops start feeling the burn again. It’s not enough to cause a major problem, but it does concern me. I’m thinking the autopots allow the plants to be so much happier, but also more light sensitive. Could this be resolved with nutes or should I just keep my light turned down to prevent the burn? I’m getting very good results and a nice yield, but definitely feel my plants would be much happier if I can get a better handle on the lighting. I’ve got a 5X5 Gorilla tent. 8ft tall. The light’s about 6ft at it’s highest thanks to the cables. I’ve thought about shortening the cables for a little more height, but think it may be better to figure out why the plants are so sensitive so I might be able to turn it up more without the problems. I’m growing autos as well, so they’re not really stretching so much. They’ve never gotten closer than around 2 feet to my light, but definitely look light saturated if I turn it up beyond 50%. One thing… I had the light on 24/7 at the start, but once they began flowering, I flipped to 12/12 and that also did help some giving the plants some recovery time, but they still weren’t happy if I turned the light up more. Is this an issue with autopots in general or are others out there growing with their lights on full power with no problems? Again… My lights a v550h, 430 watts, maybe 480. 5X5 tent. 4 autopots inside. I have no pics at the moment. In between grows. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing light sensitivity issues after moving over to autopots and what they’re doing to fix it if so. Thanks


I think it’s probably more of an issue with the strain your growing and especially because they’re autos. In my experience autos don’t need as much light as photos. I don’t grow many indoor autos anymore but when I did I ran them at a 18/6 light cycle from beginning to end.
If your running into height problems you can always bend them down and tie them off or tuck them into a net so they don’t grow as tall

Not sure what the v550 is. One thought is 430 - 480 watts for that size space is probably causing the plants to stretch. Then its the dog chasing its tale. Raise the light and it stretches for the light, etc. Autopots have nothing to do with lights other than they require more and higher quality light because plants can grow so much more and faster.
Training plants help in terms of height and overall plant quality.
I have a 7’ GT. I moved the filter and fan outside the tent. My minimum light clearance is 18 - 22".
It is a 3x3 with 450w overhead. This obviously is not in an autopot

This plant is the same strain and age as the plant pictured above. Hard to believe it. It is substantially more compact growing than its sister. Pheno - maybe. Different lighting - more than likely a significant force.

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@mviker2575, does what you are referring to as light sensitive look like this?


Pretty cool lookin verigation! Just the 1 plant?

Is that what it is called?
No it is on two plants, and both are clones from the same Black Widow plant. It first started with one, (the smaller one), when both were in a small clone tent with a 130 watt led 4k color. I put both of the little clones in solo cups with coco after they rooted. Then ten days later I was transplanting them to 1 gallon containers. This was when I learned that there was only enough coco to do one plant. So it was another 10 days before the second clone was transplanted, and it was during this root bound time, in the solo cup, I first saw this two tone color development. It seemed to be isolated to just this one plant. It continued on this one plant even after it went into the AutoPot, and moved into a 5x5 under a HLG 350R
After the move to the 5x5, I became worried that the 350 was not enough for the tent. So I put the 130 watt 4k in the 5x5 also. I found that if the root bound plant was closer than 30 inches from the light it would do this verigation. The other only did this on one spot when it got less than 24 inches from the light.
I sure would like to know more about this verigation.
Since the light flip, changing nutrients to Jacks, replaced the 130 with a 260 Rspec FR, and reduced nutrient levels it looks like this verigation is clearing up.

The root bound plant is in the right foreground, and her sister is behind her.
You can’t see it in the picture, but the root bound one is noticeably smaller.


Sure looks like it to me. It’s not harmful, in fact it’s a desirable trait with a lot of plants

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