AutoPot container size

I am ordering an AutoPot system. I was looking at the SoftPot XL version Container is 5 gal and and the XL version of the regular pot they use 6.6 gals. Then looking at their other version (not XL) it is only 3.9 gals. My research has me pretty much thinking prior to even knowing about the AutoPot that 3 gallons is enough for a tent grow 3x4 space.

My question is this: is it worth it to go up to the 5 gallon SoftPot? Is that even necessary with type of system? I am thinking, if I check measurements I can get more pots in the tent with the 3.9 gal version. The XLs would be a tight fit at 4 pots.

I have gotten mixed reviews , some say 5 others say 3. So I bought both will have to see.

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Do you think I could fit 6 of the 3.9 gallon ones in a 3x4 grow tent? Have you set yours up yet?

I have 2 of the 5 gallon and a 3 in a 2x4. It might fit but definitely tight wouldnt allow any other to really thicken out. I was advised to do 2 but I got authority issues so I did 3.

Too funny! I am always pushing the envelop, too. Just how far can I take this? :slight_smile: :laughing:

Well I was like I need 3 plants based on my needs, they said nope you can only do 2. 2 is not going to be enough thx 3 it is.