Autoflowering growing help beginner

I am considering my first grow. I have ordered the ak47 autoflower. I have watched a few YouTube videos and have a few questions. 1) it said autoflower does not like red spectrum. Can make the plant hermaphrodite. 2) I plan to order GROWant G3HiPAR-Series 240Watt Aluminum LED Grow Light OSRAM Horticulture LEDs & Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower – Black because I read it would be best. One plant light. 3) light timing. I see you do not have to change light times, but in the YouTube videos they are. Where can I get help specifically with autoflower plants.

Thanks for your help

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Welcome to the best forum!

  1. Every plant love red spectrum (bloom light).
  2. I don’t know anything about that light. You need at least 35-50w true watts per square foot. I have a meizhi 450w(192w true watts) for 2x2x5 grow box.
  3. A autoflowering strain can grow and flower no matter what, it’s not influenced by the light schedule so you can let the light schedule from 24/0(not recommended because them need to rest) to 12/12. The best is 18on/6 off.
    I also grow 2 ak47 auto and if you want I can tag you in my grow journal.

I would love to be informed of your efforts. Thank you for your respnse.

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I do 18on 6 off for veg then for flowering I do 12/12

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More and more people are switching to a 14/10 light shedule for veg because they are getting great results. For autos though I would use 18/6 because in this case it’s more like: stronger light with some hours of rest= relatively high yields


I agree with this statement. 14/10 is a great way to go for sure and with autos they don’t really require a certain light schedule that hints the name Autoflower. They flower with or without light.


I think what @JedSanders was saying was to stick with 18/6 on autos. Yes they will grow and flower out under just about any light schedule. But 18/6 will provide more photosynthetic energy, and reward you in higher yeild.

I don’t grow them, but watching several journals it seems that 18/6 or even 20/4 seem to produce the bigger yields from autos.


Be careful only watching you tube videos. Many are good and many were made by people that have no clue what they are talking about. Consider them at least one point of information if you will.

My favorite is the guy that swears ha can tell th sex of a plant by looking at the seeds. (It’s not possible to do that, BTW)

AK47 Auto’s are pretty easy growers, but I found mine needs cal-mag mag in mid flower or they became deficient.

I have an auto flower I started 3 weeks ago, a Bubba Kush I named Abby. I’m a new beginner fumbling and bumbling along… I would love to be tagged in your journal.
This is her a week ago.


I just started 2ak autos I’m excited to see what happens!:grin:

Watch the date on those You Tube Videos. Some of those are really old using old lighting technology, and old Auto seed genetics.
Newer style LEDS and seed genetics have stepped up the game!

Maybe this will happen! :+1: