Autoflower vs early veg then flower

ok so autoflower take around 10 weeks from seed to harvest. what would generate a bigger yield vegging a fast flower 8 weeks tops fem seed for a month and flowering after or an auto flower strain? so both will take 10 to 12 weeks tops but one is a fem regular seed and the other is an autoflower fem seed.

Until a photoperiod reaches sexual maturity it won’t matter when you flip the lights to 12/12.

Probably the overall highest yielding setup over time is to take clones from a mother plant, root the clones then flip them. One of our growers is working with this technique refining it for his space @Bogleg.

That way you have mature plant material that will accept being put on 12/12 readily and immediately flower without the long veg time at the front end.


This is a myth, or best case scenario. There may be a strain or 2 out there that are super fast. I’ve grown about 30 autos so far of various strains, and the earliest was 85 days, while another of same strain, same grow took 100 days. I would say my average is 92 days per auto…


thank you for the info.

i didnt know that im new to this lol. thank you


Don’t sweat it: best way to find out is ask.

Just as a data point, I have 12 plants right now that were germinated on August 1st and flipped to 12/12 on August 26th. They are currently in the middle of week 8 in flower.

They showed gender a week to ten days after I flipped them - except for the 10 boys that I had, those all showed gender around 4-5 days after the flip.


Wow; fast maturation!


There is one seed that I know of that finishes fast. It’s from a off beat company and it’s an auto. But it’s not really developed like you want the plant to be.

Good things come in time. My Fem GSC took 3 months to start flowering and she was on a 14/10 light schedule. She flowered when she was ready.

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That’s about right I think. 4-5 weeks is what I’ve always read and seen. Hard to nail down much tighter because you always have some variables. Weak lights or cheating light schedule without replacing energy could extend, probably other stuff too.

Main reason I wanted to comment is because there is a lot of 3 week old seedlings and 2-3 week transition time chatter here. Shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m not the most pc person here, but my eyes roll so far into the back of my head I can see what’s left of my brain. We all reserve the right to grow however we want, but anyone trying can usually be in flower 6ish weeks or less from seed.


With the way I get seeds through the seedling stage and into veg, I don’t really think I could shave any significant time off. Looking at my journal I could probably have flipped to 12/12 three or four days sooner, but I think I would’ve ended up with fewer plants than I currently have (and probably another 3-4 days in transition). I had to wait for some plants to catch up with root development so they could go into the pots on the tray.

I’ve already failed trying to flip clones to 12/12 too soon and really don’t want to do that again. Heh.

I think for clones my general expectation is around 3 weeks from the time I cut them to the time they are ready to go back under 12/12 - and that’s assuming they aren’t monster clones.

To @dbrn32 and @Myfriendis410 point - when I do big plants (SCROG, etc.) I usually only see the transition period go for around two weeks, with growth still occurring in week 3, but not explosive growth. With the 12 plants I’m growing now that had a super short veg time, they kept stretching the first four weeks under 12/12, with the week 3-4 segment having insane stretch.