Autoflower second try

Im getting ready to start a couple white widow autos from you. I had a couple autos from Nirvana last year. I think they were kava gold and swiss cheese. I started them inside hardened them off then put them outdoors.Everything looking good. I was shocked when they really started budding after not to long. First time using autos. They looked really good then started throwing out 3 leaves all over plant. That was in july which my season will go to October without frost. It was really weird
Plants did finally come out of it and finished at end of season. My question is after you put them outdoors in 56 days im seeing they should be done? So maybe I do 2 harvest?? Am I right that these will not go all summer long or are not supposed to? Also last few years having powdery mildew issues but plenty of circulation I don’t think is an issue. I usually grow in 5 gal buckets but this year im doing smart pots which I bought 10 gal and probably should have went 7gal most. Im going Foxfarm soil this year really looking to up the quality this year. I do move plants sometimes on the 5 acres when guests come out. Just trying to correct some issues and get a healthy nice harvest this yr. Im in midwest US. Any and all help will be much appreciated!!


Hey @Blkdog welcome to ilgm!

56 days is flowering. Most autos from Ilgm take about 100- 120 days total. And then 56 days is an estimate. Many go longer and some shorter.

I’m growing AK47 Auto and we’re at day 46 of flower.

Hope this helps. I’m in MA. We went legal in January so a lot of us are returning to the games of our youth only now it’s for medicinal purposes for many of us.

Take care and good luck on your grow.

Couple of quick tips …
pH meter and adjuster is mandatory. Water the right pH for your medium will save you tons of issues later!


All right we got another Midwest person you will love the white window auto is wonderful also a Midwest person if there’s anything I can help you with please hit me up @ with hogmaster in front of it and I’ll get back to you soon as I can or someone else definitely will help

Thanks Bob! Trying to learn about water ph. I usually just use tap water. Could be where Ive had issues. I have had a guy tell me you can fill up a tub of water and let it set for a few days then water is good to go. Is there any truth to that? Im on a well so what would be best bet?

Thanks Hogmaster!!

The guy that told you to fill up your tub probably thought you had city water. City water has chlorine in it. If you let city water set the chlorine will evaporate and you will be OK Chlorine is bad for your plants. It is best to check your water with a PH meter and TDS meter. I bought both off E-bay as a set for under $12.00. well worth the investment. Good Luck

Well, I think this issue is more terminology related. When you say “tap” most people, myself included think that would be city / town or municipal water. Well water is a different story. Regardless of which water you use, if your MJ is growing in soil then the water pH needs to be 6.5 ish and if growing in hydro or soilless matter then the pH is 5.8 @Blkdog

The reson why the pH needs to be right is because the roots of the plant need to be able to uptake nutrients and if the pH is too far off, they won’t be able to use the nutrients.

As you can see from the chart some of the nutrients won’t absorb if the pH is up or down one degree or another!

Yes im on a well. Going FoxFarm ocean soil this summer. So I will look for 6.5. So basically fill up a bucket and adjust it up or down with ph adjuster. Got it
Thx again Bob!

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Thanks Max. Yes my buddy was in town that used the tub. I do kinda remember him having a ph adjuster up or down he used now that I thi k about it.

Make sure you invest in a PH meter. It really helps you grow better plants. I got a PH meter and TDS meter for $11.19 on E-bay. Look it up
Digital Ph Meter + TDS Tester Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Water Monitor 0-9999 PPM

Does it matter how long I keep plants inside before putting outdoors? Im no longer worried about frost so is sooner the better going outdoors? Im at about two weeks right now since two seeds popped. One didn’t pop so I have another about a 4 days behind. I have them on 24hr lights right now.

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What region are you located in? @Blkdog

Northeast region Bob. I talked to a friend that said to go to 18hrs of
light before going outdoors but im figuring we are at 15hrs of light right
now. Roughly 6am to 9pm. Maybe 18 then down to 15. If thats correct how
long should they be cycled down before going out. Thanks so much for your
response Bob!

no problem, brother. Best to step it down to make it more natural, but i don’t think they would suffer any real ill effects to go from one to the other.

Are you going to keep them in pots or plant them?

I decided to put them in the smart grow pots. They are supposed to be great
for preventing root bound plants. I like to be able to move them if need be
which is nice they have handles. Going with the foxfarm ocean soil. Trying
to really get a quality harvest. I have the ph pen so im really gonna keep
the water right. Any nutes you would suggest for outdoors?

I use the same pots and soil and I’m happy with both. Can’t beat the handles if you have to move them around. I haven’t grown outdoors recently (think 1977) so as far as nutes that’s a good question.

@Hogmaster has grown outdoors maybe he could chime in on that.

I’m planning an outdoor grow myself so I’m taking notes.

I am very fortunate our soil is very fertile I start out in a 3 gallon smart pots and I go directly into the ground with zero nutrients throughout the entire grow and I just make sure there’s water for it if it needs it and usually I don’t even have to do that

Im going from solo cup to a 7gal pot. Usually do a 5 gal but decided to go
7 and use the ocean forest soil this time. Stepping it up. I only do a
couple so looking to up quality of care. I hear that soil has so much
organic nutes you really shouldn’t need to use anything else. Thanks again
for your input!!

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This might be a stupid question, but what is the difference between autoflower and regular? And which should I try if this is my first grow for personal use?

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Auto Flowers grow buds no matter which light schedule you grow them. Regular seeds can be male or females @Sharkslayer

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