93 days into the first grow

I’m wondering if anyone else who has grown White Widow autos has had them get over 100 days before harvesting (I’m sure I’ll get there). With this being my first grow I was experimenting with the proper nutrients (Using Bergman’s which are designed for photo period I believe) so I did run into some issues early on. I also made a heartbreaking decision to transplant them 3 weeks in because I used Miracle Grow like a total noob (they’re in fox farm now) which I’m sure delayed the process. Below is 2 pictures for each of my 3 WW autos and the trichomes. They’re under a 1200 watt LED and are kept 68-77 degrees and 35-50% humidity.

WIN_20200428_19_32_57_Pro WIN_20200428_19_36_08_Pro WIN_20200428_19_37_01_Pro WIN_20200428_19_39_56_Pro WIN_20200428_19_40_34_Pro


I have read post about them going over 100 days. Never grown autos. Experience growers will respond am sure. I did want to say great job on pictures, looks to me like a good first grow, given what it’s been through.

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The timeframe given by the seed bank is only an estimate under near perfect conditions. Some will finish earlier and some will take longer :v:


It shouldn’t take that long. You have done something wrong. You should immediately send me those plants and start over! :grin:

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