Are these Auto's a lost cause?

I started these 5 plants along with a 6th one which I put inside under LED 200W of grow lights. It has been an unseasonably cool spring here, even for SE Alaska standards. I kept the pots heated a bit and cover the plants over with the clamshell greenhouses and am on a sunny southern upper deck. They just are not showing any flower starts yet, while the indoor plant has gone gangbusters. So are the outdoor plants going to produce anything but leaves? They seem healthy otherwise, and june and july usually get up into the mid 60’s to mid 70’s.

And my indoor AF White Widow


How old are they? Most autos will flower at btw 4 and 7 weeks. We have seen a few that have taken up to 12 weeks to flower.

I’d say consider yourself lucky. We sometimes see autos that flower at 2.5 weeks that end up being a stalk with one flower on t.


They look good. And @MidwestGuy has the same out look as me. Some are super quick to flower. Others just take their time :grin:

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So these were all germinated after the first week in May with the same seed batch, with the one plant that’s doing well has been in the grow tent. But I am planning on leaving the outdoor ones grow (the sun is free) and see if they do anything eventually.
I started out with some nights getting down into the low 40’s F but warming up in the daytime. If they don’t make any bud, I will stick to indoor growing from here on out.


All of your plants look great. To not be flowering yet, with the size of your outdoors, they could be some nice sized girls. Inside, there is just something that bigger one likes a little better. Be it warmer temps, a more controlled lighting schedule, or a combination of things. Autos are funny, like @MidwestGuy said a 4inch, 3gram harvest is actually kinda common with autos. Keep em fed/watered wel, stay on top of pest control, they’ll be good


Hello up there in Alaska. I used to live in Anchorage back in 1988. I stayed at the Lamplighter Apartments complex. Not far from Northern Lights Blvd.


What is unseasonably cool in Alaska? :rofl::rofl: lower temps will slow growth. Dont sweat it though theyll pull through…



Looks good. I had two autos (granddaddy purp) planted at the same time one flowered two weeks before the other one did. The one that was slower to flower is a whole hell of a lot bigger.


They do look healthy, sort of like the plants we would try to grow in Fairbanks in the 70’s. 24 hour light was a no win situation, but if Auto’s had been invented then it would have been a gamechanger as the summer climate is amazing. These plants have been a little on automatic for quite a bit, with drip irrigation and I give them some food once a week. Haven’t seen any pests, but did see a spider so maybe he is on guard… :grinning:

I haven’t spent too much time in Anchorage but did grow up in Fairbanks so I did go there for work and such. Now am in SE area, 80 miles north of Juneau… As you know, the state is a big one! :cowboy_hat_face:

Well it all depends on which area of the state. Where I am at, I planted May 7 which is pretty early but did it because I am going to be gone for a few weeks in august and wanted them to at least be drying before i left. Usually we are in the 60’s by now but today it’s 5 in the afternoon and only 53 out. The clear plastic clamshells that go up against the house keep the plants about 10 deg warmer than outside in the day and 4 deg warmer at night. We are past due for 60’s and 70’s so hoping that the plants will respond once the temps do warm up. At least they are not sick looking.


This was my outdoor unplanned plant It got down to 32F…a few times…
While yes colder weather is NOT a friend of Cannabis…The Ruderalis keeps her alive…So I think you’ll be fine…
Keep us posted Im curious to see what happens…


I’ll do that. These haven’t gotten close to the freeze point, probably 39 or 40F is as cold as they have seen and that was very early on. I was thinking the same thing about Ruderalis being from Siberia … Also I left the fabric pots sitting on germination electric pads and I have heat tape around the sides so the dirt is staying around 65-70F.