Auto flower for 120 day frost free days

Due to the late spring and a early frost in my area I am considering a Auto flower for my area. The reason is we get frost here as early as the first week of Sept with a planting of first of May. This gives us about 120 days. I see some Auto flowers at about <8 weeks flower time but no mention of when they start to flower. I am wondering how long do Auto flowers take to start to flower? Any help?..Thanks

Autos basically flower with age. Most 810 weeks. Have royal gorilla and topped them came nicely with 6 splits.
Make sure they are in a good light or constant outside , I’m growing inside so giving them 20 hours light.
But you should be harvedting in 9-10 weeks after germination.
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@Chungo Flowering usually starts about 30 days from sprout. From there, you have average 60 days of fattening up.

From my experience, AF average 90 days or 13/14 weeks. The numbers you see advertised by seed companies are under PERFECT growing conditions.

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You can stagger your outdoor grow to maximize grow season. I plant 5 White Widow Autoflower a month apart, I like to get my last harvest by August before it gets unbearably hot and humid and the risk of bud rot skyrockets.

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Thanks to everyone…


I grew ILGM white widow autos and they went 12-13 weeks.


I would’ve suggested planning on something like 12-14 weeks too. There’s always exceptions, but I think that is safe guesstimate.

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120+ median.
Outside they can take longer, its depends on weather and picked strain. I have fast photos what mature faster than af’s

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I’m doing the same thing I live in central Alberta and have been waiting on seeds, which will probably take another week it sadly seems.
So I’m already a month behind
But worst case I’ll cut 2 early and squeeze 2 inside my 2x4 tent.

Alot of people say start may 1st inside, grow your veg for almost 30days and then put em outside