Autoflower question about early flower cycle?

How can you tell when an autoflower has entered the flower cycle? I currently have an autoflower that sprouted October 9th and it looks like it already developing buds. I would assume this is still too early to enter the flower cycle but this is my first grow and I am not sure what to expect.

When pistils appear at the tips of the plant.

Most autos will flower at between 4 and 7 weeks of age. We’ve seen them flower as early as 2 weeks and as late as 12 weeks, though these outliers aren’t common.


Okay cool, she is definitely in the flower stage. She isn’t very big I doubt i’ll get much from her.

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Hush your mouth.
Early does not mean you should doubt her ability to produce.
Have fun and nurture her.
I have a plant almost a year old, and we are starting another growth cycle.
It is either the second cycle as in Feb/May and now or third as in Nov/Feb/May and now. I can grow, but keeping records, I fail.

Plants can double in size during the first 4 weeks of flowering. That said, some autos just stay as runts.

Suggest growing photos going forward. Autos can be difficult to deal with. Contrary to popular belief, autos are not easier to grow. Training can be difficult because you don’t know when they will flower, they can be more sensitive to nutes, you sometimes get runts, and they are just overall more twitchy than photos.