Autoflower grow cycle

I am on round 3 of trying my white widow auto flower seeds to grow past 6 inches tall and dry out on me. :sweat_smile:
These are about 6 weeks in and have been outside for about 2 weeks now
The short ones are where my last attempt ended with them all drying out.

Opinions on what if anything needs to be done for the short ones?

Additional close ups


I’m not sure how to even answer…
The short ones look to already be flowering when zoomed in…
There’s a lot of things that don’t seem right to me :thinking:

To put in perspective, here’s current autos on day 37 from seed:


Autos have a mind of their on but your problem sounds like a bad batch of seeds. I purchased white widow but havent sprouted the beans yet. They look good just small. I had a grand daddy purple do that but just one plant out of 6-8 I can’t remember.

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Yeah I mean bad seeds are out there for sure…
I’ve had that experience in the past.
Some not germinate at all, germinate but not break soil, ECT.
But those are few and far between.
They definitely have a mind of there own.

Is the taller one also a WW ? From the same pack ?

You say outside for past two weeks, so what was the inside conditions ?

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For autos to flourish they need a great start. The 1st 6 weeks is critical, lighting, nutrients and the environmental conditions need to be on point. Unlike a photo period plant that has time to recover from a set back, autos typically start flowering around 35-40ish days above ground. It looks like these runts struggled in the beginning :love_you_gesture:


Interesting, bec I was starting to think this was a me problem!! But the original seed batch had issues and did not germinate, so I was sent a replacement batch. And it’s taken a few attempts to get this far. I might have to germinate the remaining and see how far they go.
The inside env was temp controlled and I have been fertilizing it per the guidelines every week…so I don’t think those 2 are the root cause.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I am going to start fertilizing the 6 inch flowering ones with the flower time fertilizer and see how that goes…

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Yes all from the same batch of WW
autos…I started with 7 seeds, 6 sprouted and these r the 3 finalists!

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Hunh odd…I’d probably just chalk it up as bad seeds then :man_shrugging: Maybe try seeds from a different company and see if you still have problems… at least you might be able to narrow it down that way… I’ve had seeds from well known companies that I simply couldn’t get going good to save my life… sometimes it’s not human error it’s simply just the seeds.

I’ve tried Northern Lights auto from a particular supplier several times and they just won’t go…

Hopefully your able to figure it out.


What soil are you using if your light is to close can cause runts. Looking at the spacing between the nods on 2 of your plants look tight like your light is too close.

@InkedOldMan I just had a batch of Northern Lights auto seeds replaced, probably by the same company! Only 6 of 20 popped and they were pitiful. They replaced them with photos and so far , every seed has grown fine. Ya definitely can get bad seeds out there.

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I think I had one maybe two as well. One didn’t sprout. First grow. Bottom left got bud rot. Trash it went. Everything else still in the grovebags. A lot of fun can’t wait for the second run. It may have also been a lighting issue for me as well. Ordered feminized received autos.

These have been outside for over 2 weeks now and before that i had then at a window…but that was in the seedling stage…barely a few inches tall before I got them outside
So they have never been under a lamp light

The grow bags r outside under natural light