Auto white widow. 2 in cloth pots germinated same time other a little behind

Auto white widow. Seedling stage. New to growing did 4 last year made out great. This year i wanted more but had a problem with germination. Waiting on more seeds now. Tell me what you think thus far any suggestions?


Just let it ride… plants are all different like siblings. Get those seeds out of the water… I would transfer the ones with tails - I do the paper towel method but there are plenty of other methods. Personally, I don’t let mine sit in water until they get tails… they can get water logged and moldy.

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Same. 24 hours then to paper towel. Root or not

They look good starting out. Keep them healthy and happy and they will reward you in kind

I think that is my issue left seeds in water too long. I have a ton of seeds that would not grow tails and it says leave in water 3 days if dont work try again but im going to papertowl now with my seeds that didnt crack open

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