Germination transplant

Hi all, I have tried a new germination method. Seed soaked in water until tail, basically 24 hours. I left it in there another 24 hours and tail was 1/2 inch.
I have carefully put into wet paper towel and into a ziplock bag, sitting ontop on computer router fit warmth.

Two questions please!

  1. How long do I leave it in wet paper towel?
  2. do I transplant straight to 5 gallon fabric pot or too peat pallet or solo cup?

Thanks a million :pray:

If you have that much tail already, then she’s ready for soil (or what ever medium you are using)

Most here avoid pellets and use solo cup as a transition stage to build up a root system before final home


I’m a newbie, bit that might be too much if it already has a tail

if you are growing an auto flowering plant then u will want to go straight into their final home. autos dont like to be disturbed much.

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I test that theory by poking at mine wit a stick
Ima toughen her up


Yep it is an auto, cheers!

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