Germination Question, How Long To Soak

New grower and I have four White Widow Auto seeds that have been soaking (per ILGM instructions) a little over 48hrs. Two look like they may have cracked, but I don’t really see a tap root. The other two don’t have any changes to them. Was wondering if I should transfer to a paper towel, if I should just plant them, or just change out the water and keep soaking.

I would put them in paper towels I didn’t see any results until about 24 hours in paper towels and it was another day until they were ready for soil.

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Yep, if they were sinkers put them in the towel and check every 24 hours or so. I have had them take over a week in towel before but usually 24 to 72 hours does it.

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Switched them over to paper towel and placed in a Ziploc, and placed between two saucers. Unfortunately I don’t really have a warm place to put them on like a cable box. Hope ambient temperature is ok.

Should be I just set mine on the kitchen table. Room temperature worked for me I just use warm water and everytime I wet it reapply. And I haven’t had cable for years so no box.

I just placed my seeds in a cup of tap water. After a while, I poked them with my finger and they sank. After about 3 or 4 days they all split open and developed a tap root. went straight into FF HF about a knuckle deep. 9 of 10 germinated.