Auto Flowering not

I have some White Widow fem auto flowering seeds I bought from ILGM and after 90 days they still are not flowering. I have had them on 12/12 hour lighting for the last week. I’ve grown auto flowering plants before and never had an issue.

What’s the deal?

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sounds like they are just feminized, not autos. I just did a grow of WWA’s and harvested with in 100 days.

what did the bag they came in say on it. something like WW-F-10, or WWA-5. Could have been a mix up somewhere along the way, but the light change should trigger them…


Yes you are correct the are labeled WW-FEM-10. My mistake. Otherwise they are doing great at about 30" indoors.


My pineapple express auto flowered after 4 weeks and 3days. I saw it on top starting and the next day it was flowering all over like crazy. Had to flush and put flowering nutes in. I know you figured it out but just giving you info. I read autos flower in 4 weeks so you know for the future if you use autos.

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After a couple weeks of 12/12 they are starting to flower.


I purchased the lowryder auto and I’m not having trouble growing the plant but the bud sizes seem really small from the description online and other’s posts. Thumbs sized is about the average.
They’re planted in coco coir/perlite, feed every other day with half strength Elite Nutes, pH’d to 5.8-6.0, plenty of light.
Anyone have any ideas on what I am missing?