Auto flower Leave Spotting, 7 Weeks old

Hello friends :orange_heart:

I haven’t been on in awhile because I wasn’t growing any plant babies. I recently was gifted a cannabis seed and have time to care for a growing plant.

Because I I don’t have the set up I once did, she is in a plastic 3 gallon pot on my sunny porch in Chicago. I started her on water only in HF coco up until week 6 when I noticed the browning spots. Now I’m noticing a dusting of specks on one leaf. I started feeding on a 1/8 dose of nutrients, General Hydroponics. Water PH is 6.4.

At the first and only feeding, I watered her, didn’t drench her. It was about 8 ounces. The water had a 1/8 dose of cal magic, 6ml of molasses, a rice grain size of Real Growers Recharge. 3 days later I have her enough water to add moisture to the top layer of coco.

I understand my tea idea might be totally wrong. I just wanted to introduce nutrients and other good stuff slowly. I also kept in mind it’s a bit easier to revive a thirsty plant than a drowning one. I was also apprehensive about nutrient burn, but concerned the spotting was a deficiency.

Any advice for correcting my methods this far? I am hopeful the issue is saveable, but I’m ok with this being a lesson learned.

Thank you for the read and many hellos to all.

You got some kind of little pest. Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew Concentrate, mixed at 1.5x strength. Can be applied daily up until harvest, and rinses away with a bud wash. Nice plant!


Thank you! Hot dog, this is such good news. Super appreciate the help :pray::pray:


Your case is ever so mild, so i would hit her once before the sun goes down, then then maybe the next evening in case any lingerers are still lingering. Check the underside of the leaves, too, that’s where most pests hide.

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