Nutrient or pest?

Hello there!
pH in 6.2
pH out 5.85
Ppm 1000
Girl Scout Cookies extreme Auto
Around 6-8 weeks since seed popped.

Growing outdoors in winter.

What are the browning spots on leaves?

First time with autoflowers and have experimented with topping/fimming and LST for each plant.

Growing in Coco/perlite 70/30.

Any advice?

Thank you.


@CoyoteCody @HerbGrower @Covertgrower @Mote anyone can help this person or got someone else to suggest?


Possibly cal/mag def.? Not sure still learning myself but picking up on something’s quick I think


They appear to be water or nute splash.
Caused by lensing of the light through the droplets.
But a whole plant pic would help too.


Okay nutrient splash makes sense for the reason being that I thought insects were the culprit when it fact it was probably over feeding showing signs of burn.

A spray was applied and may be burning the leaves.

I think I will hold back on the nutrients and use only 1/4 the dose. I am new to autoflowers and so far it seems that is the biggest issue.

I’d say it’s experience and I’m trying to run before learning to walk.

Thank you.

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you are growing this outside right?
I would agree, you can back off on the nutes, she looks pretty dark green, but avoid getting any liquid other than rain on the leaves. If you need to floliar spray for whatever reason, remove the plant to shade until leaves are dry or choose a cloudy day if possible.


Yes outside in winter (subtropical climate).

If a foilar spray is required could it be done at dusk also?

How about a pic of the whole plant?

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i wouldnt, I never put a plant to bed wet

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