Autflower leaves showing deficiency or overdose?

Can someone tell me what deficiency or overdose in dealing with in my soil autoflower grow? Is that a cal-mag issue

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Id say you can dwindle it down to 2 possible issues. Potassium which can lead to calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron deficiencies if in excess same with calcium. It looks to be more of a excess in potassium based off the chart below

Can you post an over all plant pic, my initial thought is water or nutrient splash from top feeding??:love_you_gesture:


Sure can

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Yeah im clueless my first grow im using dry organic fertilizer and have been using some liquid cal-mag

Looks great Grow Bro, not seeing a calmag Deficiency. Could you have spilled a little water on them from top feeding and not wiped them dry? Those water droplets will burn the leaves from the light :love_you_gesture:


Possible phosphorus or nutrient splash from my watering 3 days ago? Dry immendments splashed on my lower LST clipped branches maybe? Not sure my best course of action going forward.

I agree with @OGIncognito looks to be moreso nutrient splash than a deficiency. Keep doing what you are doing and look for any new affected growth


Im going to go with that splashed immendments on leafs. This Indica strain is staying super low and bushy no height at all its at 25 days from breaking the surface. Is there a safer way to water them?

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Will do thanks

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What’s your light height and intensity. Raising the light could help some but remember to adjust the intensity up plus she’s still in the stretch from looking at the stage of bud development :love_you_gesture:

UNIT FARM UFS3000 LED Grow Light, 200W Plant Grow Lights, 736 OSRAM LED Full Spectrum Growing Lamp, Indoor Hydroponic Light for 3x3FT Pepper Tomato Herb Seedling, 2x2FT Flowering Grow Tent

Currently about 14 inches from canopy

No adjustments dimmer wise on those lights

I have those same lights…great lights for the money…but like you said, no dimmer. But they will grow nice plants on a budget and they have high quality, German made Osram diodes instead of junk. Might not be Samsung…but they’re rated pretty high.

After reading here and doing some research, I want to eventually upgrade to HLG but these will do for now. I’m getting pretty decent results.

I’m getting about 850-950 PAR at 16 - 18 inches from the canopy and 45-50 DLI…so you’re probably above 1000 PAR and close to 60 DLI or maybe even a little more.

Do you have a way to take you light measurements? Like many others here, I use an Android app on my phone called Photone. It will help you to figure out how high to hang your lights. It’s free and it’s accurate enough for my needs.

I have 4 of these lights in a 3x3 for 4 plants…basically 1 per plant. It works out ok.

I have the drivers hanging on a metal rack behind the tent. They are tie wrapped to the rack by their cords and hanging in the air so they get some cooling.

And I have 4 fans blowing in an open tent to keep heat and humidity in a decent range. 2 are blowing at the walls and a small one blowing up at the lights. There’s also a box fan behind them on a stool blowing into the tent over the canopy. Nothing is blowing directly on the plants though.

It’s not real dusty or anything with the door open all the time but a good bud wash will definitely be in order after harvest for sure.

Yep i just downloaded that application on my android today i have par ranges from 1008 center to 650 on edges. So your rocking 800 watts alone via lights in your 3x3? Lol doubt you have any issues giving those girls enough light. Whats your heat and humidity running with lights on and tent clised up?