Aussie Sativas

Hey guys,

Gonna have a go at growing an Aussie Sativa in my small tent along with 2 small trained ILGM ww fems.

Have a few seeds from good genetics, but need some advice on how to try to train small for tent grow.

These can grow into bush monsters if left outside.

Tent is 155cm high by 80cm by 80cm, using 250 watt MH and then 250 watt HPS. With a portable aircon to keep cool, I live in Queensland, daytime temps around 32c.


The 1st and best advice I can give you for growing a Sativa is too grow it 14/10 in veg and 12-12 to flower and lower to 10-14 to finish. I got this advice from my friends in the UK years back. This worked very well, and produced a massive fat short 3-4 feet plant. Properly trained; This plant could produce a fairly massive yield in a small space. :smiley:

Cheers Latewood,

Will take your advice.

There is a few Aussie customers with you guys(Aussie Imports) thread.

We have completely different problems to people in Europe/USA.

Can I Highjack the Aussie imports Forum for Aussies to share our problems/knowledge or do I have to start a new thread?

Thanks again,


Give me a li9nk. and I will look at it and let you know. If it stays on topic, but also is a portal to sharing with Aussie’s, I see no problem, but if it takes away from the educational value of grow support, I would say no. If it is just a open call to Auusie’s. I imagine your fellow countryman will be happy to hear from you. Peace

Thanks Latewood.