Are these spider mites?

Can someone please tell me what these bugs are? They are almost too small to see with the naked eye. Spider mites maybe? I’m not finding any webbing though. My plants are of several different strains, outdoors, in the ground, in Maine. Thanks


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I already mentioned thrips, I think they’re looking for a second opinion.


We see it all the time.

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Spider mites don’t eat holes in the plants.

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I read that thrips have a longer body. But then, I hear that spider mites don’t eat through… so no holes

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I will look up thrips now, thanks

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How much of the plant is affected?

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Don’t matter what kind of bug it is, needs to be killed regardless. Get some Capt Jacks Dead Bug spray.


Thanks for the tag. I like seeing these types of questions, whether I’m able to help or not. It allows me to learn from the answers that you guys with more experience give. So I don’t think that I would second guess the responses already given. Regardless of what they are @Hellraiser hit the nail on the head. Time to eradicate the little bastards.


Look too big to be spider mites. Go with the advice you have and get the dr death out. I use predators to fight my mites but that’s just me :sunglasses:

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@TinyTMG Here’s a few pictures of my spider mites. To give you an idea of size those big trunks you see are the veins of a leaf. Its wholesale slaughter in there just now as my predators are running riot. I will wash the buds with hydrogen peroxide then the tent is getting a sulphur candle :comet:

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