Are these seeds? (Autoflowering)

I’m growing WW Autoflower and yesterday I noticed these small black things that I would assume are seeds. I guess I assumed autoflowers don’t seed. Any input/suggestions?

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Seeds don’t look like that or grow on the pistils, they form inside the calyx, no idea what’s going on there, maybe bugs or bug poop, check plants over real good and underside of leaves.


Ok. I have been picking off some green worms. I guess I didn’t think about that. Thanks.

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Probably caterpillars, they like to burrow inside the buds as well and eat them from the inside out, might need this to fully eradicate them:

Really want to wash that poop off after harvest, do a bud wash


Definitely want to get rid of those ASAP. One stupid little green worm got into this bud fairly early in flowering. The other bud at that node has doubled in size. The munched one has barely grown. Little green jerks can do a lot of damage.


No a seed will not cause necrosis. That looks like dead tissue, probably caused by a worm inside the bud that may have eaten it enough to kill part of it? Its difficult to tell from the image, but it seems too brown for bud rot? Nevertheless, I would attemt to take very pointy scissors and disect that material from the bud to remove the necrotic material to prevent decay. In doing so you may find the little bastard that caused the issue?