Is this a budworm?

Outdoor grow. 10 gallon bag (felt). Medium oceans forest. I don’t have ph meter using strips. I don’t test the run off. So I noticed one bud was browning, and none of the other sites had any discoloration. I decided to look through the buds and heres what I found.

First pic is just the leaves second pic you can see something that looks like a worm. I discarded that whole area. Is this something that has infected the entire plant or will the rest be ok. Also it’s been hot and humid here with lots of rain. My initial thought was some type of rot due to the humidity. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. TY

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Yup, sure is. Better get some BT spray.

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It’s a little caterpillar. Get on pest control ASAP, remove affected buds, and, at harvest, do a thorough bud wash. Those suckers will decimate your plants and you’ll hardly ever see them.


Yes, I’m having a problem with catapiler infestation on my Brussel Sprout plant. They are very difficult to spot. They camo theirselves into the leaves so you can’t see them. Best time of day to catch them in the act is early morning before the dew evaporates…

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Looks like you’ve got some bud rot setting in because of those dirty caterpillars. I’d do what @Borderryan22 suggests above asap…

Ty everyone. I’m guessing that the bt spray won’t have any negative effect on the plant. Any preference on brand. Never mentioned this plant is grand daddy purp from ilgm. Off to check the girls see what other types of predators I can find living within.

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I think capt jacks is the only thing you really can use in flower besides D.E.(which might work on worms but honestly I’ve never heard of anyone using as defense for worms specifically)

I know need oil is NOT to be used once in flower, as it doesn’t really wash off, so you don’t want to be smoking that stuff. Captain Jacks (from what I understand) is ok for flower as it does wash off, but wait for confirmation from other members, as I have never had to use any pest control. I just regurgitate what I’ve read others use on the site

Good luck in your battle

Edit. I see now what you mean on what brand of B.T spray…. Capt Jacks is the brand name I see most often recommended here on the site but I would think there might be cheaper.

I would stick with the Capt Jacks though as it has been used and proven reliable by several different members here