Are these seed pods (females switching)?

I am growing clones from females. Not sure if these are seed sacks.

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Where on the plant did you pull those off of?

Hard to tell when out of context, but looks like a male flower from a female plants often called “nanners”.

This is a nanner I pulled off a plant a few grows ago. Not sure what you got there? Maybe a long calyx.

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First pic is a single pollen sac or “nanner” because it can look like a banana. Seconds set of pics looks like an immature seed.

At the point where a leaf/growth branched off.

I take that back. I’m looking in a regular browser now and it looks like a under-developed calyx. Do you have pictures of the rest of the plant?

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Yeah, I think it’s a ‘spike’. How about pics of the plant? Natural light please…

I take that back. I zoomed in on those photos and it just looks like a female calyx with no hair.

I’ve pulled many many nanners off plants. It doesn’t look like nanners to me. They’re usually a bit shiny. I’m going with calyx, but a pic of one on a plant would clear things up.

Hi all. Thanx for all the comments. In response to questions for pics of the plant…here’s two pics of the plant off of which they came.

In retrospect…with all the comments, and some self-study, I do believe these are probably Calyx?