Are these nanners? Day 53 of flower

Hey growmies I’m starting to see what I believe to be nanners on my one plant. The spots in question are shooting lots of new white pistils, more than normal. Should I just pluck them off for the remaining week or 2?


Appears to be but this late in flower it’s not really going to have enough time to make any appreciable difference in the buds.
You can pluck it off to be sure tho.



You have good eyes or a great optometrist.
Nanners can be difficult to find.
Pluck it or leave it, both methods have results that may be desirable.
Good growing and great eyes.


Lol my eyes really aren’t good at all, I’ve been checking them multiple times a day. No molds getting me this time😂I just noticed some odd green growth with pistols coming out and grabbed the magnifier.

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Newbie here.
Whats a nanner?

A nanner I believe is a banana. But we all know bananas don’t grow on trees :thinking:

Happy hunting.
Sometime, difficult to see

In my case I think it’s the plant making a last attempt to pollenate because she’s soon for harvest, could be I stressed her.

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