Are these nanners in bud?

Yea I sure wish I knew more about this cause I was considering trying to make my own fem seeds but once he told me I would eventually produce hermies I kinda shut tha idea down. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but if you find anything out please tag me in im interested on this subject. Thanks

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Look on utube @BudBuddy it shows how to use nickel I think , to make feminized seeds. You can’t smoke the bud , but if can sacrifice a plant or a few buds from a plant. You would have a ton of fem seeds.

I will look into it maybe its worth a try. I still have like 70 seeds so I don’t need any right away. Hey do you use the same soil more then one grow just curious

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Actually yes i did reuse some with a reggie plant I grew. Only thing is you have to flush with sledgehammer, witch cleans the soil out. And you have to use liquid nutes sooner. In my opinion as far as cost , it’s gotta be close to reuse because you don’t use that much liquid nute.

MaxHeadRoom, I didn’t stress the plant in any conscious way, but both this plant and my last ones were grown under the same LED light and the previous four plants (different seeds) ALL hermied. At least this plant is almost finished and there will be no time to grow seeds before harvest. I’m thinking just a couple more days as there is yet no color in the trichomes. Close inspection shows no more nanners, but the buds are very dense and they could be inside. One of the tops grew a mold spot and had to be sacrificed.