Are these girls ready for the major leagues?

I have a room with a clone cherry pie a bag seed of GG4 and two autoflower plants one Toofless Monkey and one Critical Purp… the GG4 and the cherry appear to be weeks away from finished but the autos appear further along… what’s some tips to see if these buds are ready.


I can tell you that it definitely looks great, but until my sample arrives I can’t judge it properly. :rofl: all funny aside they are beautiful


Science method…jewelers loop or some magnifier. Look at the tricomes look for some amber on the buds and most of the pistols brown. Unscientific…grab a small popcorn bud and nuke it for about 2min turning every 15 sec and smoke it


@Henny721 like @Phoneman said. They look great.


I’m back was just being funny before didn’t mean anything by it…

You’ll need a way to magnify the buds (not leaves) to see the trichomes. If you don’t have something you can download an app on your phone “cozy magnifier and microscope” is a good one not great but good enough to see and photograph them. Here’s a couple pics to explain what you need to look for


I appreciate it fellas!!! Thank you for the input and samples coming! Lol thanks guys truly this forum is amazing!

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Great visuals, @MeEasy! One thing that has always helped me when I am thinking “Are they cloudy yet or not?” is this–when they’re not, they really look like glass. Crystal clear. Not sure why, but that helps me easily rule out buds that are not yet ready. Also, I’ve had the case where part of a plant will be ready, and then the rest maybe a week or two later. Don’t be afraid to leave some bud on the plant if it doesn’t look “fully baked” yet, haha.

Buds definitely mature at different rates. I like to watch the ones that are ahead of the others and let them get about 30-40% amber. Then I’ll keep them separate from the other ones so that I have nighttime buds and daytime buds. Sometimes they’re way far behind and I’ll take the ripe ones and leave the other ones to mature on the plant like you do with any other fruit or vegetables. Most of the time it’s the top ones that ripen 1st so after you cut them off you can lower your lights and let the bottom buds get bigger and ripen up


Night time and day time, i.e. more heavy sleepy effect? That’s pretty cool, I have to say. Never thought to use the harvest date in that way. b