Are the ladies in danger?

Ok so this is an issue on a Skywalker og. 600w light in a 3x3 tent and I believe it began a few days ago. This is my first grow so please forgive my ignorance. There are some dark green type patches. It’s so hard to see in these pics but I’m trying to show you guys lol. When they are in the tent the spots seem reflective. I first thought if was just some water spot burns but I swear I think it’s getting bigger. Maybe the leaves are which makes it seem like the bad spots are as well? I don’t want to do too much but I so don’t want them to suffer from my ignorance.

sadly this is the best pic

right along the jagged edge are a couple shiny spots lol.

Can’t see any bugs moving around. Could it be light burn? (Led about 28 inches away) Could it be wind burn from my fan? Is it a deficiency or pest issue? I’m pretty confused at the moment lol.

this is the Skywalker with the most damage but she’s also growing nicely as far as I can tell?


@Vance420, is it a blurple light from Amazon? Am a first timer, and see that same color with my burple lights. A pic in sunlight or flash would help, and a support ticket, maybe. IMO, they look happy and healthy! Am switching to bulb lights :slight_smile:

She looks healthy overall. Looks like you took pic with a attached scope on phone. Try to take one without scope. Just get clear pic of area of concern.

@Zee I’m not sure lol. It’s a 600w viparspectre (sp?) with just the veg switch on.

@Bulldognuts yeah my jewelers loupe and phone camera just aren’t getting along lol. Today is cloudy and no decent sunlight but the next few pics are all of the same leaf. In one pic the flash reflected and made it look yellowish but to the eye it isn’t yellow, but I will try later with no flash if we can get a little sunshine later today lol


They are looking healthy. I don’t think you have much to worry about yet. Looks like they’re still in solo cups. They are probably ready for a transplant into something bigger.


@Bulldognuts I hope so, but I will keep an eye on her to be sure. And yes I agree it’s transplant time! I will be doing that today or tomorrow. It’s my first grow so everything has been research, trial, error, panic, joy lol. It seems to me that they are taking in the water really fast so I was thinking they needed to be transplanted but of course I’m terrified of making mistakes lol. I have one other issue with a plant. I will tag you when I get her pics posted if that’s ok?

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@Bulldognuts ok short version…this first pic is my runt, a Bruce Banner. She had a rough childhood on the mean streets. When I popped my seeds, she had the smallest taproot and I know now I should have left her in the paper towel longer…but too late now lol. Next I watered after putting her in the soil and solo cup and displaced the seed which is why it’s on the edge of the cup. Then her seed shell was stuck on and I didn’t catch it (looked like dirt). Once I realized it, I managed to remove the seed shell and felt good that I didn’t damage her much. A day or so later I realized it still hadn’t opened up and finally realized the membrane was still stuck on. More research and surgery and I got the membrane off and she finally opened up. She’s tried to catch up and of all 4 plants, her first 3 finger leaves look bigger at this stage or at least longer but she is constantly droopy. Before water, after water, really dry soil…stays droopy lol. Her new growth comes out pointing to the light but will she actually survive and thrive? I said short version and then told you her whole life story lol

Bruce Banner runt

And hopefully this is an easier question, but this next pic seems to be the healthiest with the most growth. My question is, how does the growth actually look? Is that about right? I was worried it was too much growth and not enough growing or stretching but I am thinking it’s actually looking pretty good lol


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I’m guessing she’ll catch up. Judging by your Skywalker you’re doing OK on care. You said it yourself, make sure you are not overwatering. I’m currently growing 2 skywalkers myself.

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@Bulldognuts alright. Thanks man. It took me a bit to understand the watering part. I was going to let her keep going and just see what happens. I think I got a handle on that just in time to transplant and have to figure it out again for the new container :joy: I’m enjoying seeing them grow so far, I’m just a paranoid grower I think lol


You’re like nearly every new grower. I’m on my 4th grow and got my seedlings going and check on them way to often. Once you get them transplanted and going in the right direction it’s better for them to get a little dry rather than to wet. Someone on forum said they like to go from drought to flood. You can always add water, can’t do much about when plants are over watered.


@Bulldognuts got my girls transplanted and even tho the runt looks rough she’s hanging in there. Thought you might want to see lol.

seems like the lower leaves are a lost cause overall, but the top growth looks lively although a bit thin and skinny.


Looking good :+1:


Agree. Looking pretty good. It’s not uncommon for the lower leaves to develop blemishes/discoloring/…

If the plant looks relatively healthy (yours does,) then monitor new growth to get an idea of how she’s doing.

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@MidwestGuy thanks man, I think she’s gonna make it. Just had a rough childhood lol. Still have tons to learn but just with the runt I’ve learned about seeds being stuck on, the membrane being stuck on after removing the seed, overwatering, underwatering and tipping over during transplant lol. You can’t buy that kind of learning :joy: but she’s still here.

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The hardest lessons are the ones that stick with you. I’ve certainly made my share of them (and still do.)


I’ve got three little ladies that grew up in an orphanage as well. Looks like you’re about three weeks ahead of me. I’ll set to watch! Good luck, you’ll be my pace setter!


@scylents I will tag you in my grow journal if you want to keep an eye on them. I’ve got 4 total going currently.

I think you look fine. I would transplant asap though. I have a rule about solo cups. If the leaves are one inch over the lip or plant is same height above cup as cup is tall, i transplant, no exception.

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@Silverback thanks man. I’ve got them transplanted into 5gal fabric pots now and they are already looking good again. I believe I let them stay in the cups a few days too long but nothing too bad. Hoping to see some more growth now that they have some room to flourish.

Hell yea.