Are my plants too small?

Started these seeds July 1st they all came up July 11th.these are gorilla glue autos and I’m in week 3 of vegetation and I’m worried they are too small and not going to produce. I’m about to start fox farm nutes. I’m growing outside in a cheap greenhouse and using fox farm ocean forest soil. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

She’s a little small, but still okay. All of the space between nodes indicate that she’s asking for more light. She’s still small and FF OF is a hot soil. You won’t need to feed nutes for a few weeks yet until she uses up the nutes that are already in the soil. The best way to determine when to add nutes is to measure your runoff PPM and begin feeding when the PPM dips below 1,000. I would recommend that you get decent pH and PPM (EC) meters.

Autos can be particularly sensitive to nutes, so be careful not to overdo it.


Thank you for your input! Are there any good soil ph meters you recommend? I’m going to put them in a different spot outside to try and get some more light to them.

Depends on how much she uses. She is still small and won’t need to be fed yet. Begin feeding when the runoff PPM dips below 1,000. You have a few weeks to go yet.

I use an Apera PC60, which measures both pH and PPM. There are less expensive options out there if cost is a concern.


Many of us use Apera meters for PH. They are very accurate and hold calibration well.

I have the one below, its relatively inexpensive (you really can’t cheap out here). You can go up a step as @MidwestGuy mentioned and get one that does both, or go with the one below and get an inexpensive EC meter. I’ll link the one below but you don’t need to spend as much on that side.

PS, if you do get one, also order the storage solution at the same time so you don’t risk damage to the new PH meter…

PPS, whatever you do, DO NOT use the PH meters that stick in the soil. Just clarifying since you used the words soil PH meter. You’re measuring the water in, and the runoff coming out. If you have a problem you’re troubleshooting in the soil itself you’ll want to use some distilled water to do a slurry test.


Thank you guys for the help! I have a ph meter for my water and keeping it around 6.5. I’ll get the ppm meter and check my runoff before adding nutes and I’ll move the plants to a different location to hopefully get more sun. I think that will solve my problem

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Looks like you have leaf minors (pest). I would get some captain jacks dead bug or neem oil and spray your plants.

Yeah I did have thrips I used captain Jack dead bug to get rid of them just like you said!


Yours are doing better than mine. My LSD auto flowers will be 5 weeks this coming Saturday


Not that I don’t trust your judgment on meters, but can you post a pic of your ph meter? I want to make sure you have a good one

This is my first grow ao I need all the help I can get man. This is the one I got off Amazon to test my water that I use to water the plants with. I really want one to test my soil as well but they are very expensive for me right now. PH Meter for Water Hydroponics Digital PH Tester Pen 0.01 High Accuracy Pocket Size with 0-14 PH Measurement Range for Household Drinking, Pool and Aquarium (Yellow)

Well I’m not familiar with that particular one, and if you can’t afford one from a known and trusted brand right now , then you gotta use what ya got, right?

I would scrimp and save up for at least the cheaper model of apera tester. I personally am not sure how much I trust the accuracy of yours,especially since it has an “auto calibrate” button

Yeah hopefully in the future if I keep growing I can get some better equipment!


I’ve used the same ph meter as you’re using. Just ensure that you calibrate it with the 7.0 liquid periodically. Not expensive, but it is fairly reliable.


If its pillars ull want safer caterpillar killer i believe it is @Myfriendis410 can tell u it as ive seen him recommend it a few times now.

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That meter will be lucky to last 1 grow. More agressive nutes will mess them up faster also. My meter like that lasted 1 grow and the start of second tgen was almost 2 points off. 6.5 aater was reading at 4.8. The vivosun ppm meter (blue) will work for ppm meter but you will def need a descent ph meter. Apera ph 20 is about the best cheapest u will get. I use it and it works great comes in a kit with the cal solutions. All u have to do is buy the apera storage solution for the ph meter to keep the bulb good moist and clean. If u get the apera make sure to get the apera solution as the off brands do not work with the apera pens. Good luck

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I am a beginner also, I’m in the middle of my first grow and so far doing ok with three beautiful girls. These are the meters I’m just learning to use and are working perfect. I use the cheaper yellow one to check the pH of pot runoff and nutrient/H2O mixture.
And the more expensive orange one for cleaner stuff like H2O testing.
The blue ppm meter I just used today, actually used them all today and they worked perfectly.
All three are fairly priced, but like the one reader said, don’t forget some 7.0 calibration fluid and add some storage
solution to the list. Oh, and don’t forget a gallon of distilled water like I did, you’ll need that to mix your calibration powder in if it’s not a fluid. And you also need the distilled water to rinse your meter in between different fluid checks and to clean it off before storage. Oh and no those plants aren’t too small. At a certain time n age those plants will skyrocket and bush up as well. (they’re like teenagers, you blink your eye and they’re grown up, moved out and on their own) Right now you’re just excited watching them but as soon as your excitement dwindles just a hair, when you least expect it BAM, and you’ll be smiling wide cause them babies are gonna start growing, and growing fast. Just give it a little time (and some lovin, talk to them a bit, say good morning to them in the mornings, oh and don’t forget some music, mine love music:)!
Happy growing y’all

The auto calibration button is used when you have the probes in the 7.0 buffer solution and it reads 6.6, you press that button and now it reads 7.0 in the 7.0 buffer solution instead of saying 6.6 in the 7.0 buffer solution and being 0.4 off there and in other readings.

Just did that today ( hope I didn’t screw everything up and all my readings are wrong all day long lol haha my luck lol)