Are my Auto Bubble Gum close to Harvest?

These are the best pictures I have!


Do you have a pic of the whole plant? Are those pic’s of the sugar leaves? How are the pistils looking all brown or still some white. Only reason i’m asking i don’t want you to harvest to early

IMO…you still have a little bit. Didn’t see any amber trichs

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Also looks as though some of the capitate stalks are immature. No glob of resin at the tops of some of them. By the way, do not squeeze or handle the buds, you will dislodge or mash the resin glands.


How’s this Picture?

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Can you take a pic of the over all plant in natural light or with a flash

Not to hijack this thread but i can’t figure out how to start a new thread on this website and i have a similar question. I have a few white widow autoflowering plants that just started week 11 and i can’t tell if they are ready to harvest. Any advice would be helpful (sorry for the bad pics)!