Are C02 worth it or is there something cheaper or better

I have seen C02 bags to hung in the tent but i have also seen DIY ones you an make. Has anyone seen a massive difference in using and not using. Basically are they worth investing in or making one.

CO2 is not effective for the average hobby grower.

For CO2 to be effective you will need, besides insane light levels, a sealed room to push the partial pressures up. Generally the biggest benefit is during veg. To accomplish this you will have to up your game on environmental control: run an AC split and a dehumidifier to manage high temps and RH. If running a closed system for any length of time you will need to pump O to the roots to avoid suffocating the plant (roots need O). Usually growers with CO2 run hydro to push both air to the roots and insane salt levels (2,000 ppm plus).

Any system that relies on yeast or baking soda is not sufficient to derive any real benefit from CO2. Better to dial in all the other parameters before attempting this.

The best way to grow quality weed is to focus on the basics (pH, PPM, proper watering, adequate light, and so on.)


@MidwestGuy is right on. The bags are just an easy way to make money from new growers. There’s a lot of big talk in their advertising but I’ve never heard anyone that bought them say they did anything. They usually say everyone else is wrong, then get really quiet…


Another thing people do not do prior to wasting money on CO2 is some research on CO2 levels in the enviro and what Cannabis plants require. 400 ppm is what cannabis needs and our atmosphere has about 427 ppm’s currently. That combined with breathing on them if you don’t have umpteen plants is all they will ever need.

Levels of carbon dioxide have been consistently rising in the world. In 1960, they were a little above 300. They are now above 400 ppm, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


According to my co2 meter in the tent, ambient incoming is dead on 420ppm… No lie


A cheaper alternative is to open a window LOL.


Coincidence? I think not. HAHA!!!

Definitely not.

Just here to echo don’t waste time or money on CO2. I hang out in my room and invite my dogs to come breathe on my plants with me. Between myself, a small and a medium dog we can get my PPMs up from ~420 (truly) to ~650.


Good ventilation and circulation is what you want

This! :point_up_2: