Apple Fritter Flowering stage inquiry?

Dear Expert growers,
I am very new at this and am coming to realize the importance of record keeping. Smoking too much. My plant which I estimate to be at least 2 months in and was wondering if any of you could tell me how far away from harvest I am? Please…


Your plant looks amazing good job.
You need to get a scope or jewelry loupe to look at the techs. Looking at the pictures you still have alot of white hairs as far as I see. My apple is on week 10 from light flip. This pic is from 2 weeks ago. It may come down this weekend.

Really hard to say, I will venture a rough guess though and say five to eight weeks.

White pistils all over and buds need to tighten / fat’n a little. Look’n good though.

Have you made lighting adjustments?


Just curious as to the moisture on the plant? Are you foliar feeding? Pest or wpm maintenance?


That part :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:. Here’s a few charts that will help you decide when to harvest :wink:. You definitely need a jewelers loop, USB microscope or really good camera to decipher when to harvest.


First thing I saw as well. Plants do look good but if there isn’t a reason to be spraying them, you should not be in flower. You are asking for mold/bud rot.

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Tell me, how is this achieved. Besides not sleeping


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