Apera pH 20 pen

Hello hope everybody is doing well. So I have a situation and a question. So I just got in my new Apera ph20 pen and the ph is all over the place. If fluctuates between 14 and 0 and 5 and 3 and 2 and 9 and every other number you can think of. It does not sit still. Even after calibration it’s still all over the place. Has anybody else ever ran across this problem? Thank you for your feedback and happy growing

Try calibrating it. If that doesn’t work, send it back for a replacement.

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What solution are you trying to ph? R/o, distilled or tap?


Great question. If RO or distilled, no reading can be taken.

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Call thier cus serv. They can trouble shoot it and do a reset, might fix it or not but worth a try. If not they will process replacement right there, i say this from personal experience. Their easy to deal with!


I was trying to pH tap water. I’ve already submitted a return. My other two pins I’ve gotten overtime never did it. I was just curious if anybody else has had this problem. Thank you for everybody’s time