Will this work ? Been doing a lot of reading about this and thought I would experiment was wondering if anoyine had experience with this method

No, sorry, you need a healthy node supported by a couple of leaves or at least one good size leaf. Leaves by themselves will not grow a whole new plant normally.

In theory, every cell of the plant has the information to make a whole new plant. And with certain advanced techniques it actually can be done but not the way you are attempting.

The proper technique would require you growing a tissue culture in a sterile environment. There is a theory though that I have never personally seen work, but it will work if done correctly, it is a lot of work, and might be worth it in one of those moments when you think you might have lost you entire genetics of a particular plant and a leaf is all you have to work with.

If possible take a healthy fan leaf from as low of a branch as possible. Dip the entire leaf in water with a little hydrogen peroxide in it (over the counter hydrogen peroxide of 3%-5% can be mixed at about 1/2 tsp per quart. of r/o or distilled water) to clean and sterilize the surface of the leaf of any unhealthy organisms (microorganisms, fungal spores, small insects). Then cut the leaf fingers into square or rectangular segments and dip in liquid rooting hormone. Then taking a sterile scalpel dipped in rooting hormone, very carefully cut half way through the veins on the underside of the leaf. Put the segments flat on some sterile pre-soaked growing medium – coco plug, rockwool cube, etc . making sure the leaf veins remain in contact with the medium. Place cloning plugs/cubes in heated humidity dome root propagator at 70f and mist daily. In anywhere between 4-8 weeks you should start to see kinda root tumors growing from the underside of the leaf into the medium and monster crop like shoots(multiple shoots) starting to grow from the top.

When these shoots become long enough, they can be cut a rooted as seperate clones or kept as is and trained like a monster cropped plant.

Yes, every part of the plant has the genetic information to create a new plant. The process to get a new plant is different based on material used. The leaves can be used to propagate via tissue cultures, you are a bad man if you can root them that way. To propagate from cuttings you really need growth nodes. These will cause the plant to root faster than not having them. What I see is a leaf with a large surface area to lose moisture through and the leaf stem is not going to be able to resupply the leaf. The xylem and phloem are the water moving parts of the plant, and are in higher concentration in the stem.


I;ll make it simple again for you. NO. It will not work. I wish.

NTW. Love your 38 tray. I bought some for use with 2" netpots. I also start squash type veggies in Pro Mix BX, in those round cell trays.

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