Anyone use this grow light?

Hey guys, just wanted to check in with anyone to see if anyone has the Viparspectra XS1000 LED grow light?

If anyone does use it, or has used it, anyone know what a good % strength to put on for Seedlings?
It has a dial with percentage of strength for the light.

Also, is 18/6 a good schedule for autoflowers?
Just picked up this light and a grow tent to hopefully help my growing experience.

It’s a 120 watt light which should be good for flowering one plant.

You can run autos at 18/6 through harvest.

120 watts isn’t a whole lot. Just be careful to not put it so close that the plant feels the heat. Increase the intensity if your seedling starts getting too leggy.

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Thank you so much for the input. I have a tent that’s able to put a good 3 plants inside.
I got the tent from a friend who said he grew photoperiods in it.
So I’m hoping that just putting my 2 autoflower plants in it will workout just fine.
I also picked up a thermometer/ hygrometer to measure temp and humidity. Which will come in handy with the lights so I can make sure the temps don’t get hot in there.

I will start the light at 16 inches from the plants and see if they like that, does that sound like a fair starting point? What would you reccomend?
It probably also depends on the intensity im sure too

Not a super hot light. 16 should be fine. If hot a bit dial down. Good for 1 plant through flower. If doing 2 another light required.

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Thank you so much. Definitley noted.