Anyone know what’s causing these dots?

Can anyone help with information of what is causing these dots? I’m growing outside using nature’s living soil autoflower mix As a living soil topped with happy frog.

Thank you in advance for any info

Looks like leaf miners and possibly aphids.
Capt jacks dead bug should get rid of them.


Flip the leaf over and use a scope to look for pests. My guess is mites. Tiny spider webs may be present too.

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I second the Capt. Jacks and maybe a couple others just so they dont get immune to one thing!

I’m already using neem oil, can I use both?

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I’d go easy on the neem spray. You’re in flower already. And it’s not recommended to spray flowering plants with it.
The capt jacks can be used till just before harvest.

Looks like aphids to me also

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I have neem oil that I thought I could use throughout the grow but someone said earlier in this feed not to use neem oil while the plant is flowering?